Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Last Saturday as we were shopping for my moms party, while on our way to my Sister's to pick up the meat my daughter spotted this truck hauling two huge horses. She took my camera and took this picture right through the window. The horses were supposed to be the focal point however when I see this picture thre is more there than words can describe, for instance see the exit to the right, that is our exit and I almost missed it. The driver to my left is probably enjoying his brand new car and is still waiting for his licence plates. In front of him a driver should be enjoying the cool breeze, except it was hot so top down was probably unconfortble but the car looks cool nevertheless. And a truck probably driving all the was from San Pedro California is maybe half way to it's destination. All in all a busy scene for a Saturday drive.

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This is a previously posted image that my long time visitors may remember. I took this picture with a 35 mm camera and scanned it. It was "monsooning" at the time and the sand was flying all over thus the blurry effect.

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This is "El Calendario Azteca" or the Aztec Calendar. How was it read or interpreted is still a total mystery to me and yet we see this image in a lot of our stuff including coins.

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In the barrio you'll always find murals that show the Latin culture. In this scene you can see the piramids,a Mexican flag flying proud and the skeletons of what once was.

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I really like these huge, tall signs. You'll find them scattered around all over Westgate City Walk in Glendale. Superbowl is coming fast and these signs will be seen by thousands and thousands of fans.

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The fountains at Westgate were doing their thing. I captured this image when the water was dancing and I loved the effect it gave the picture.

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This picture was just taken this morning. This HAPPY guy happens to be my son and after having two daughters, a seven and a six year old he is now the proud papa of a beautiful baby boy. It is very safe to say that both "mi chica" and I were also very HAPPY to be grandparents for the sixth time.

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Being a blue oval fan this one had to be posted. A 1970 Galaxy convertible, how sweet is that?

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Here's a repeat from a few months back. This is my 1994 Fatboy which at this time is on hiatus awaiting some very deserved service. This picture was taken during the "Love Ride" in California at Castaic Lake.

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Picture taken by: Michelle

This image was captured by my daughter as we were tubing down the river. It is nice to get in touch with nature once in a while. The city does not offer the sights, smells, or sounds that we got during our journey through the river.

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A I watch the sun sink over the horizon I can't help but admire the beauty of a sea sunset. The reflection of the sun just before it says goodnight to the sea gulls flying above is the image that will stay in my mind until I encounter the sun again and ask him to give me another unforgettable show one more time. Yes Mr. Sun I just can't get enough of your beauty and your warmth.

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The caption on top to the kiosk says it all.

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" TWO "

These are my TWO daughters as they attacked. With attacks like this I hope they never run out of ammunition.

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When you wish upon a fountain. Sometimes I wonder where this idea came from. Throw a penny into a fountain and make a wish. The beauty of it all is that it represents hope. Even if the wish never comes true, hope should never die.

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I have lost count of how many pictures from my back yard I have posted. Well, here's yet one more. During a monsoon the sun broke in and reflected nicely on the water, while the background remained cloudy and hazy.

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I have photographed doors and gates in the past. This set of doors attracted me the minute I saw them. I love the detail as well as the mural on top.

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School entrances don't look like this any more. This kind of architecture is now gone. New buildings are very modern and full of color. This school is empty right now, I'm sure they'll give this historic building some good use in the future.

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I know, I know, I posted this building already but can't deny that the architecture deserves more than one shot. I love the way color has been used throughout. Also the landscape is awesome.

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We may see this only once in a great while. When the sky threatens with rain, and the clouds turn to a dark gray, while all the while Mr Sun, turns this panorama into a pink bright pastel. Yeap, not too many sunsets like this. If you happen to see one stop and take it in.

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For starters I am posting three pictures all in a ROW.

The first one is a scene of Saguaro Ranch. Look past the gate and you will notice that there's a series of palm trees and lamp poles all lined up in a ROW. They were so neatly planted that I thought it would make a nice picture, I just didn't know where to use it, now I have that chance.

The second image is the inside of "St. Vincent de Paul" church in Phoenix. I have always marveled about church pews, they are always so neatly mounted on the floor in a way that when you come in the first thing you notice is how neatly they are arranged in a ROW.

The last image was taken last week at the Avondale Civic Center. I like the way the pillars look so straight and evenly spaced all in one ROW as if they were soldiers ready for battle.

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Something about Arizona landscapes, this picture was taken outside my work and it sort of represents a creek complete with stones and plants and even little crawling craters.

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It was a sunny day and then without a warning a monsoon hit us and it rained like there was no tomorrow. It only lasted for about ten minutes and then just as fast as it came, it left but this is what was left for us as a gift.

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Photo taken by Elena

My sister took this picture and suggested that it would make a great post for my photo blog. I happen to agree with her so here it is. I can't even tell you what plant this is because I am plant illiterate, but it sure looks great.

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Different take on this gorgeous fountain at the Avondale Civic Center.

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I'm going to try to find different places in my neighborhood to photograph. Avondale is a growing city and it's shaping up really good. Because a lot of the places are new the city is becoming one of the most sought after cities for living and business. This picture was taken on Saturday after I dropped my son in law to work. This is Avondale's City Hall,a multimillion dollar brand new facility complete with police department and amphitheater for free concerts. Even PIR's headquarters sit right next to it.

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The site for next years Super Bowl just keeps getting better and better. Reataurants, enterteiment, livig space, shopping, you'll find it all here in this new place. I like to go back every so ofter since it's so close to my house.

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For this week's theme I decided to go a different route. I took my previous post and just made it "FUNKY". It's not photo shopped or anything like that, I just took the virtual scissors and cut little strips and then pasted them back together again.

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Yesterday we left work and it was a nice sunny day, about 25 minutes on the freeway the sky started to get black and before you knew it a monsoon came bringing with it lots of wind and rain. It actually rained like there was no tomorrow. Then a few minutes later the same way it came it left, fast and quietly. "Mi chica" called me outside so I could see this beautiful sunset and I just had to take my camera with me, I took more than one picture so I'll post more at a future day.

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When you live in the deser you may not see too many trees, but you will see a lot of these. Palm trees are all over and when well kept they look pretty awesome.

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This is my mascot. I have been using the "Joe Cool" nickname since I was 13 years old. I have always been a fan of the "Peanuts" gang and Charlie Brown. Snoopy is without a doubt my favorite peanuts character.

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