Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Last Saturday as we were shopping for my moms party, while on our way to my Sister's to pick up the meat my daughter spotted this truck hauling two huge horses. She took my camera and took this picture right through the window. The horses were supposed to be the focal point however when I see this picture thre is more there than words can describe, for instance see the exit to the right, that is our exit and I almost missed it. The driver to my left is probably enjoying his brand new car and is still waiting for his licence plates. In front of him a driver should be enjoying the cool breeze, except it was hot so top down was probably unconfortble but the car looks cool nevertheless. And a truck probably driving all the was from San Pedro California is maybe half way to it's destination. All in all a busy scene for a Saturday drive.

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| posted by Jose, 12:24 PM


what a great caption!
Blogger amy, at 5:43 PM  
Glad you enjoyed the lime and shadow image.

Yeah, I knew the selective color in this one would create two focal points, but I just had to see how it looked.

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