Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!


Picture taken by: Michelle

First of all I want to thank TNChick for picking my entry last week as the picture of the week. It took me a while but I replied to every person that commented, thank you all for your comments.

Dear grandchildren of mine
Your SWEET smile totally blows my mind
Can't imagine my life without you
You are trully a gift from God

I said it once and I'll say it again
I love to kiss your SWEET, SWEET face
'Cause with each kiss I let you know
The five of you just fill my world.

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Here's a compilation of 19 pictures from Puerto Peñasco a.k.a. Rocky Point, in Sonora, Mexico. Enjoy!

To read the recap of the trip and how my son in law saved the day CLICK HERE

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Oh yeah baby! This is where we spent close to 3 hours sipping beer and getting cooked like a lobster. The weather was a little on the hot side so the water was very inviting. Rocky Point is definitely a must go back place. Apparently in this area this was the only hotel with a swimming pool.

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It's going to be 110 degrees today in Phoenix. When it's this hot here I wish I would be laying by the ocean for at least a week. This picture was taken last Saturday in Rocky Point, Mexico. How hot is it where you are?

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“We play for laughter, we play for tears, we play for madness, we play for fears, we play for hopes, we play for screams, we are the players, we create the dreams.”

I found the above quote on the Internet but didn't have an author, instead of "play" it said "dance" I just change that one word so it would fit my picture.

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One of the highlight of the weekend was to see the sun disappear over the ocean. "Mi chica" took us to "El Malecon" just so that we could experience it. No disappointment here, I think I took about 10 different shots and they were all nice but here's a gift from me to all of you.
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I'm posting early because I won't be in town tomorrow as I'm going to Mexico for a weekend getaway. I have posted this picture before but what the heck I like it a lot so here it is again. This is my grandson Diego pretending he is riding with me on my SHINY Harley Davidson Fatboy.

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A case of mistaken identity. Do you think that maybe this is the little pick up truck that could.
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Every time we go to California we stop to rest at Chiriaco Summit. There is always an old car parked here that says "Truly".
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Once these creatures roamed the earth now thanks to a man's vision if you are driving on I-10 just outside of Palm Springs in Cabazon, Califoria you may stop and watch his creations, there are three big dinasours and a bunch of small ones. Kids love them although at first they were hesitant as they tought they were real. Pleanty of photo ops here.

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Images reflected by the sun. 911 Memorial at Weslin Bolin Plaza.

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Sacred Heart of Mary -- Different view of the church.


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This is The "Inmaculado Corazon de Maria" Church. It has been placed on the National Registry of Historical Places by the United States Department of Interior. Notice that there seems to be some construction going on. The "Metro" will run on this street pretty soon.

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These are the people that have been with me on my sidebar and continue to be there, most of them have been with me since the start.

Today my Joe Cool's Blog turns 1-Year Old, so come on over and visit and leave me a comment if you want, I'll appreciate it very much. Thank you all for the support you have given me this past year and I am looking forward to the second year.


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Picture taken by: Michelle

Mural on the wall of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

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Picture taken by: Michelle

While cruising through Hollywood Boulevard Michelle took this picture of the Wax Museum from the car. Actually she took more than one nice picture so I'll be sharing some of this space with her.

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Most of the pictures I take happen while I'm driving, for this particular picture I was actually able to park the car since it's a one way street and traffic was light even though it was almost 5:00 p.m. This reminds me of the movie "Batteries Not Included", remember how they built the big tall building without demolishing the apartment house. Look at how they have all those new buildings surrounding this house. I just think it's way cool it survived the long arms of progress.
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St. Vincent de Paul Church in Phoenix. An exercise in architecture.

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This charming little house is found at Saguaro Ranch in Phoenix. Took the picture last month while at my daughter's wedding.

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This week's theme is "Shoes". While photographing Westgate City Walk three weeks ago I took a picture of this window and I think it is very appropiate for the theme.

If you ask a woman about the pretty and sexy high heel shoes she is wearing,she'll most likely say that they are confortable... But two hours later she'll say "My feet are killing me" Go figure!

One thing is for sure, women love to hear a man compliment on their shoes.

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Another shot from my "Freeway Art" collection. I know it's similar to the previous ones but it's not the same. The color just pops out at you. I hope you enjoy it.

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Unfortunately I was driving and was able to take this shot while on a red light. However I could not see what was this memorial for, one of these days I'll stop to find out and will let you know.

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So, back to my freeway art series. This metal "sculpture" sits on the corner of 32nd Street only a block away from I-10 in Phoenix. Can't really tell what it is or what it represents but this thing is huge and looks extremely heavy, but then again it could be hollow, I just realized that I didn't go and knock on the metal to see if it was solid or hollow.

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I would be a happy camper if I owned a blue oval old truck like this one. An old relic for a not so old relic.

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Every window tells a story, every set of panes is a canvas. Advertisement had never been so attractive and such attention getter.

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I had never noticed that there were railroad tracks going right by the stadium, even though I had passed by them many, many times already.

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" ART "

Last week when I went to the baseball game and sat in one of the suites there were several large paintings hanging on the hall. I liked this one and took a picture of it. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Another take on Chase Stadium's entrance.

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