Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

This is one big tree, I parked my car right under it and as you can see it looks tiny. I took this picture because I was on a scavenger hunt for trees.

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But I still prefer the "Blue Oval". This is the front of a racing Focus.

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This is one cool truck. I still wouldn't buy it but it was pleasant to the eye.

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Smoke left from the victory burnout.

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Just another scene from the stands at PIR. Just imagine this is the one single event that brings more reveniew to Phoenix all year long. Nothing even comes close, except maybe Super Bowl next year.

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This picture is for my son, he'll be happy to see the bowtie logo here.
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Last week while at PIR I took a bunch of pictures of the different sponsor trucks selling their goods there. These are some of the images I saw and since I wan't able to post for the last three or four days I 'll give you four pictures in a row.

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This little jewl is just asking for someone to take her out of that cage and ride her. But at a price tag close to $50.000 I think I'll just let her in there.

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Just a piece of wall at the local shopping center. How many people pass by this planters and don't stop to admire their beauty? Who knows, all I know is that I like them and brought a piece of them with me in this image.

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I don't know who this is but I still took a picture while in Rocky Point.

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I've driven down 7th street for over 20 years, and I've seen this old rusted farm equipment and just driven on by. It wasn't until today, when I came by, the sun was hitting the old pickup that I realized I had been passing up a treasure on 7th Street. ~Wanda

Wanda, I pretty much love all your pictures but these are my favorites, specially the old truck so I left them for last. It has been an honor to showcase your photos and I thank you for allowing me to do that.

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Over the past few months since I started blogging, I've mentioned my husband and I have been in ministry together for many years. This is the Little White Church on the Edge of Town that we have been shepherding for 26 years. ~Wanda

I have photographed churches before, there's a certain mistique about churches that I love that's why this is my pick for today's post.

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Molly and I like Starbucks! This morning after our walk, we stopped for a Latte and I always enjoy reading the comment on the cups. Today's was about dogs and kids and I think there is certainly some truth in it, since I have experienced it personally while walking Molly and our grandchildren. ~Wanda

Molly reminds me of a dog we used to have and that got stolen from our back yard. I am not a pet person but somehow we adopted this dog and had him for about four years, his name was Zack, that was his name when we had him so we kept it. Any way "Zack" is gone but the picture of "Molly" brought back the memories. Ummmm! Zack never had a cup of Starbucks though. Molly, you are spoiled.

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In our years of marriage, and raising four children, we have had our share of pets. Cats, dogs, white rats, Guinea Pigs, numerous types of fish, turtles and birds. And we have had some strange animal behavior during those years, but nothing like Jill's cat "Catalina".

First of all she's huge, over 20 pounds, eats only fish and has her own "cat" house in the yard with a pathway leading up to it, a tikki lantern, plants and her own birdhouse. Is she spoiled or what? ~Wanda

To read the complete story "Click Here"

Looking by the picture the cat is huge, I guess it could pass for a dog if she only learned how to bark.

More of this wonderful blog. "Click Here"

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As promised my photo blog will feature pictures from a dear friend of mine. I met Wanda (Brushstrokes From the Heart)a few months ago but she has been the most loyal fan my photo blog has. She has a very wonderful blog herself, when it comes to peace, tranquility, art, good advice, hers is the blog to visit. Not that she needs the additional traffic, she does very well on her own as she has a very solid following. I just think some of you may enjoy her blog just as much as I do.

Do you have a favorite room in your house? Mine is my country kitchen. I love to decorate for the seasons. When we got back from our week in Southern CA, I took down all my "Spring" lavenders and blues and brought out my "Summer Picnic Reds".

At the beginning of the summer, Wanda posted a picture of her "Country Kitchen". I though it look so pretty that I chose this picture to be the first one featured.

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We did not have a chance to eat at this place but I hear the food is excellent and the view from that second floor is just amazing.

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Rainbow after a summer monsoon.

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