Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!


I just could not keep it to just one picture which is what I normally do. There are just so many pictures that showcase water that I could not make my mind.

The first picture show a lake in Litchfield Park, it's in a neighborhood and those are houses with a lake view. The fountain in the center just adds to the beauty of it.

Picture number two needs no explanation, it's on a tile in Tempe Lakes and my daughter took a picture of it thinking that maybe I could post it in my photo blog. She couldn't be more right.

Picture number three, is my granddaughter sitting by the lake in our back yard, I love the way the picture came out because I took it without a flash and it was getting dark, so the silhouette effect is pretty dramatic as well as beautiful.

The last picture I took it by my work, the last time we had heavy rains not too long ago built a huge puddle and I parked the car on top of it to take the picture of the reflection. Since I was looking to highlight the reflection I decided to turn the picture upside down.

Hope you enjoy.
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From my "freeway art" files. Here's another shot of some of the metal art placed under the freeway passes here in Pheonix. I like the color in the mural on the cement too.
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I don't seem to get tired of sky shots like this. Specially when the reds are so vivid that it gives the impression that the sky is on fire.
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There's a park two blocks away from where I work and sometimes during my lunch hour a take 2-mile walk. As I turn on Roeser the first thing that I usually see is this old tree. I always laugh at myself because I always joke that if this tree could be in a rock band it would be "ZZ Top".
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Today is Diego's birthday and I'm posting this picture for him. Yes, our little guy turns four (we're just throwing the peace sign in case you got confused) and so far it has been a blast to see him grow and learn so many things so fast.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Diego
Happy birthday to you
and many more!
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Tomorrow is my grandson Diego's birthday but his party was held last Saturday. The theme was "Cars" and this piñata sat on the roof of the house awaiting to be beat up to pieces by the kids.
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This is the last in the series of "Chiriaco Summit" pictures I took last week on our way to California, I call it "Indian Rider". I love this piece, the horse and rider seem to pretty much know each other by now, they know each others moves as they have been together for a long time, comes rain or comes shine, for better of worse they are stuck with each other. I love this statuette.
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As you can see I am still using the pictures from last week's trip to California. While in Chiriaco Summit we took a small break from driving and I found many things to photograph. If my wife wanted to get cigarretes from this cigarrete dispenser I would have had to tell her that it was EMPTY. Also notice that the center of the dispenser is a mirror and even though the day was beautiful, all the chairs in the patio were EMPTY.
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Ouch! Yeap, Californians must be rich. To be paying anything over $3.00 for gas will most definitely leave a big hole in my wallet. We got smart this time and gassed up in Quartzite, Arizona.
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This memorial museum to General Patton is located off the interstate in a remote part of the Mojave. The museum is located at the site of Camp Young, one of 12 WWII training camps that were part of the 18,000 square-mile Desert Training Center (DTC). From 1942-1943 Patton commanded the DTC, also called the California-Arizona Maneuvers Area (CAMA), where over a million US troops trained for combat, during its brief history. Tanks were a primary fighting tool used at the DTC, the largest training area ever in the USA, and tank tracks still mark much of the landscape. Remnants from many of the 12 camps remain, mostly rock mosaics, altars and road alignments. The BLM is currently trying to raise funds to protect these camps, and monuments and protective fences are slowly appearing in these areas. The General Patton Museum contains mostly WWII memorabilia and artifacts recovered from the DTC, such as bomb casings. An interesting relief map of the Mojave is also located in the museum, built as part of the planning stage of the Colorado River Aqueduct, which also flows nearby.
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On our way back from L.A. we stopped at the Quaid Harley Davidson dealership in Loma Linda, California. There's a thing us Harley riders do besides rides our machines. We visit as many dealerships as we can and we buy lots and lots of t-shirts.
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One of the many tanks on display at the General Patton Memorial Museum in Chiriaco Summit, California. This stop definitely has many photo ops.
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So while in California my wife wakes me up Friday at around 6:30 a.m. and she tells me, "I know it's early, but I just wanted you to see outside, it's very foggy and I thought you would like to take some pictures". So I did, and indeed the fog was so thick outside that it felt as it it could be carved with a knife. I liked this picture because of the drama added to the trees by the fog.
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Chiriaco Summit is a small unincorporated town and travel stop located along Interstate 10 in the Colorado Desert of Southern California. It is 19 miles west of Desert Center. Originally known as Shaver Summit, Chiriaco Summit is the high point of Box Canyon Road, a gravel road that paralleled the Bradshaw Trail from the Coachella Valley to Blythe. The land was purchased by Joe Chiriaco, an entrepreneur from Alabama. After traveling west to attend a college football game in the Rose Bowl in 1925, he decided to stay and found employment with the Los Angeles Bureau of Water and Power (now LADWP). He heard of plans to pave Box Canyon Road, so he purchased Shaver Summit and broke ground on a service station and general store. The hearsay proved true, and on August 15, 1933, the same day that cars began traveling over the brand-new U.S. Highway 60, Shaver Summit was open for business.
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Although there's a drink in my hand, and a very delicious one at that as it was prepared by my wife. It's not about the drink but about who I drink with and why I drink. Since I'm not a drinker I carefully choose my drinking occasions and partners. This particular one was last year during Father's Day. I lost my dad four years ago, but in this picture I proudly stand next to my Father In Law. Cheers!
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Here's a nice afternoon view of my backyard facing towards the south and highlighting my palm trees. No sunset on this one, but I like it just the same.
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Here's one more example of our desert landscaping. No water waste here.
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And two miles down the street on Mohave I found this mural on what seems to be an abandoned building, I couldn't even make what the building was although the sign says "The Seafood Market"
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I like this mural because of the color to it. No scene, no hidden message just color to bright up your day as you drive.
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This is the other side, same bridge but now facing North. The funny thing is that you can drive by these murals and never really pay attention to them. If it wasn't because I'm on the hunt for interesting pictures I would just drive by these without paying any second glances. But as you can see by the pictures a lot of thought and time was put into this.
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These metal sculptures are by the freeway underpass on 16th street and I-17 on the north east corner. The metal sculptures are filled with what looks like tons of junk metal. I have been driving the streets instead of the freeway and I have found so many interesting sites and things to photograph. So far it's been lots of fun.
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This house is right by the freeway, I see it everyday as I drive by it, so this week I got out the freeway and stopped to photograph it. Well right across the street there's a similar house but this one is finished already. The difference with these two houses is that they stick like a sore thumb because they look totally different from the houses around them. Where I live you can't do that because being a new neighbourhood with association and all, there's no room for individuality.
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Photograph taken by my daughter Nichole

Tempe Town Lakes - Take a journey to Tempe Town Lake, one of Arizona's most popular outdoor destinations. More than 2 million people visit Town Lake each year to boat, fish, attend concerts, fireworks and a variety of festivals. It's also one of Tempe's best development sites.

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Here's another picture of my baby. My bike is a 1994 Harley Davidson Fatboy. Even though it's 13 years old, it still looks great. Don't you agree?
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This is the second of my freeway art posts. Although very similar to the one I posted before this is a different overpass. Obviously they were done by the same artist.
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I said it once and I'll say it again, bikes sporting "ape hungers" just look plain mean.
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The edege of this picture is our fence but being so close to the camera it gives the illusion of the lake having a small beach. This is yet another beautiful sunset as viewed from my backyard.
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My son and I went to visit his friend at this dealership in Glendale California. He used to live here in Phoenix but had to move. When my son invited me to go with him I couldn't pass up the opportunity of visiting the dealership. Harley Davidson of Glendale is the home of the "Love Ride". I have attended that event four times and trust me it's the biggest one day event in the world attracting over 20,000 bikers. These people are so good at it that they register 20,000+ bikers in about a couple of hours. Harley Davison of Glendale is one of the few deales that have not converted to a huge big dealership, it will be sad when they do because they will loose the small family feeling that they are known for, but eventually they will have to convert.
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Last week coming back from work the car I was driving broke down and my wife came to the rescue. She decided to stop at the supermarket on the way back home to pick up some groceries. We were walking donwn the aisles when all of a sudden I pulled my camera from my jacket's pocket and took a picture. All she saw was the light of the flash so she asked what was I doing? I told her that I took a picture. She probably tought I was crazy taking pictures of groceries but while going through an aisle I just couldn't pass it up. Now tell me I could have posted the sea, or a tear, or a kid crying, or a saltine but what is saltier than this?
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Oh yeah, just what the doctor order for tonight. After an ugly week for me this could be a welcomed remedy for what ails me.
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