Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

I thought this was an awesome wall made out of stone and accented with just a few palm trees. The cirular window reminds me of an old stagecoach whell and the lantern and banner add whimsy to the whole thing.

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If you have been reading my blogs for a while then you probably already know my love for tacos, so when I saw this billboard it caught my eye immediately. I think that is the perfect menu and to wash them down a cold one.

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Something about pictures with reflexions have always appealed to me.

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We may still have a couple months left for swimming. Thanks to Diego this pool has seen lots of action this year.

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These are the Cathedral towers in Cuernavaca.

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As we were walking through the rarrow strees of Cuernavaca I was looking at the patios in some of the houses. This one caught my eye right away. The fountain was empty but I can just imagine sitting next to it while the water freely flows with the soothing sound only fountains can produce.

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Stairway to nowhere.

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Window display.

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Crowded street, busy feet, hustle by her
Downtown shoppers, christmas is nigh
There she sits all alone on the sidewalk
Hoping that you won’t pass her by

Should you stop? better not, much too busy
You’re in a hurry, my how time does fly
In the distance the ringing of laughter
And in the midst of the laughter she cries

~Pretty Ribbons -- Roy Orbison

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Picture taken by Michelle

It's been a while since I posted a picture of my backyard. So, here is one taken by my daughter Michelle.

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Here's another image from my tour of our land in Santa Maria.

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How about this as an entrance to your house. Not everyone goes through a tunnel to come home except maybe Batman and the Lone Ranger.

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Here is another image of a street in Taxco, Guerrero. The streets are so small that bugs are the car of choice and this is how they park. If you ask me, that's a little too close for comfort.

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Wild Horse Pass Spa and Resort. Lobby mural.

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Sculptures and mixed drinks. Please feel free to caption this picture.

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For whatever reason I just took this shot, and I liked it.

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Bragging about the new entry to our house.

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I like this shot because it's simple. It's like once you cross that door all the memories appear.

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Another take from the mural at the looby of Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa.

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A view off the fourth floor overlooking the massive swimming pool.

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Let me bring you all back from Mexico to Arizona. It's been a wild ride remembering all those places I visited and showing them to you. I still have some images that I will be randomly posting in the future.

I took this image at the Wild Horse Resort and Spa. This is the lobby and they have a beautiful circular mural that dominates the whole ceiling.

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No, this is not Harry Potter's Whomping Willow, but it kindda looks like it. Doesn't it.

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