Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Every so often I get a blurry image and instead of discarding it, I like it and keep it. This is one of those images.

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On May 15, 1946, a young Tommy Koulax introduced Los Angeles to a hamburger with gusto. Fifty-four years later, L.A.'s love affair with his chili-topped creation is still going strong. Beginning with a ramshackle little stand on the corner of Beverly and Rampart Boulevards in Los Angeles, Tommy has fed an estimated fifty million Southern Californians

Back in the 80's during our disco days we used to go to the original Tommy's on Beverly and Rampart late at night, park our cars in a semi-circle, tune to the same radio station, open our trunks and jam to the music while eating the delicious chili burgers that Tommy's is famous for.

The second picture shows just how popular Tommy's was back then. A multitude of customers waiting in line to order. Last week after the "Quinceañera" driving back to my brother in laws house we saw a newer Tommy's in the city of Pico Rivera (see first picture) and we just had to stop and get some chili burgers. Not as good as the ones I remembered but very tasty never the less.

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Scene of the side of the road. I took this image as I was at a stop sign. Downtown Phoenix just keeps growing, no stopping the wheels of progress.

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Every chance I get I like to take this reflection shots through windows and glass doors. This one came up pretty good.

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Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Smuggler's Hold.

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On my way to the dentist I spotted this new shopping center. This mural is right at the entrance and it caught my eye immediately.

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This Bellagio style fountain is a great feature at Westgate. Sit back and enjoy the water dancing up and down to the rhythm of the music.

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This image is from one of the giant advertisment boards at the AMC theater over at Wesgate City Center. If you have kids you'll love this movie.

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The bikini in the silver manequin look more like censoring lines that a bikini top and bottom.

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At the end of the road you'll find Margaritaville.

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I think this is an interesting way of showcasing the store entrances and windows. Most windows and doors have a scene with a theme on them.

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To the left Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville", right in front "Yard House". In the bacground, the theater and to the right "Motu's". This place has it all.

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Right under those yellow umbrellas there is a small water feature where kids and grown ups can go and get wet. Here in Phoenix that's a great feature.


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You'll find about three of four of these right in front of Margaritaville over at Westgate City Walk in Glendale, Arizona.

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Here's one for the younger crowd. This "tunner" has it all and it's a crowd pleaser.

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Consider this? You are now living in a place where it's still cold and you just want for summer to arrive. When that happens, wouldn't you like to go out for a cruise on something like this? You are now living in a state where the climate is great for a cruise, wouldn't you love to do it in a car like this? Either way, the guy that owns this awesome ride already has that option and since he lives in Arizona, he is probably already doing plenty of cruising. Our weather here is great.

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In Old Town Avondale, Western street is a charming little street full of antique shops and restaurants. There is also this bridal & rentals store. What attracted me to it is the name. My daughter's name is Michelle.

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