Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

I wanted an abstract picture different to everything I have posted before and I think this one qualifies. I called it "maze" because that's what it looks like in there. I guess that is what the birds see when standing there.
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Here's one more shot of the clouds and the mountains as we drove by the Palm Springs area last Sunday. Doesn't it look like the clouds will press down on the cars as you drive through?
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Driving through Palm Springs the sky turned black as the clouds lingered very low almost giving the impression that they would press against the car. The top of the mountain however was totally lit and sunny. The wind mills always look impresive as many of them were doing their jobs by twirling around. There was no rain although you would have tought different by looking at the sky.
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Yes, I took this picture while driving but trust me I did not endagered me or my fellow drivers, traffic was at a standstill under what we call the stack. This is part of a multilevel overpass, connecting I-17 with I-10.
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I took this picture of the brand new church St. Thomas Aquinas in Avondale last week. I thought of it as a good image for Sunday.
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I'm going to post this a little earlier because I won't be at home during the weekend as we may take a little trip to California, as my girls are shopping for wedding dresses, yes you heard it right I said wedding dresses, but that is a different story. This is the youngest of my five grandkids, at this stage in her life she is very attached to her grandpa and is always asking me to pick her up and carry her. When I do it's not hard to notice how soft and fuzzy her skin is, and that's why I think this picture qualifies for this weeks theme of "soft". Now if you ask her she may tell you that her little doggy is softer.
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I carry my camera with me during my afternoon walk. There are so many everyday things and normal siuations that otherwise go unoticed unless you are on the hunt. Today I spotted this rag tangled in a link fence, what attracted me to it was the red, white, and blue and the stars in it.
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Chandler Harley Davidson
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As some of you may already know, one of my favorite pastimes is to go to the different Harley Davidson dealers and size up the new bikes. This particular dealership is in Chandler, Arizona.
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On Presidents Day, the American flags stood proud by the side of the road. They were greeted by the rain and saluted by the cloulds.
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I'm still getting to know my new camera. Yesterday I took some pictures just before the sun went down. I liked this particular one because of the drama to it. I took the same picture with the flash on but it wasn't as impressive.
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I went to the library to return some books and on the way back I stopped by this lake to take some pictures. This lake is in a community in Litchfield Park and those are houses in the background with lake fronts. What's special about this lake is that you may take a small boat in and or play with water toys. That is not allowed in the lake on the back of my house.
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This small air organ was owened by my dad. He played it in church when he was a teenager and a cousing of ours brought it to him from Mexico almost 50 year later. This is definitely an antique that was sitting right in front of my eyes as I struggled all week to think of a picture that would qualify for this weeks photo hunt entry. To read more about it: ~~ CLICK HERE ~~
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South Phoenix has the reputation of being "ghetto", that's rapidly changing as many builders are surrounding South Phoenix with new home communities. But in the old neighbourhoods you still see that work needs to be done. Along the freeway in that area you'll find many murals and mosaics like this one.
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I really thought this would make an interesting picture, a man hole covered by pebbles and sand.
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Today we got what looked like a stormy sky except it only rained a little bit in certain areas. It certainly looked dramatic, and the irony is that certain parts of the country have actually been hit with real heavy storms.
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So I finally got my daddy a picture blog layout. Now he can have big pictures like he originally wanted. I figured, what better way to start off these big pictures by posting one of me! There you go daddy, hope you like it!
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A must when you visit Phoenix. This is home to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo.
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The day at the park was almost ruined by rain, but luckily the rain didn't come until after we were back home.
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I found a few things that I could have photographed that were broken and may have been better candidates for this weeks photo hunt but as I passed by the smokers table at work and I realized that most of them vowed to quit when the year started and yet now they are smoking again I thought this picture would represent many "BROKEN" promises. Perhaps this doesn't qualify for the hunt but I thought it would.
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And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln
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The saying goes slow down and smell the coffee. Don't try to live life too fast... that is not going to happen if you own this baby!
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More on Arizona plants. The Saguaro often begins life in the shelter of a "nurse" tree or shrub which can provide a shaded, moister habitat for the germination of life. The Saguaro grows very slowly -- perhaps an inch a year -- but to a great height, 15 to 50 feet. The largest plants, with more than 5 arms, are estimated to be 200 years old. An average old Saguaro would have 5 arms and be about 30 feet tall.
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Another fine example of the type of plants found in Arizona. These are an essential part of the local landscape.
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When you don't want to go eat there's only one thing to do, hide where no body can see you.
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In Arizona there are cowboys and indians, and then there are Indians.
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I got a red light at this intersection and noticed that past 48th street there were at lest 30 palm trees greeting us. No matter how much they disguise it, it's still the desert. Yup, yup, yup.
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Try finding these in the big metropolis. Phoenix is plenty big but it's still the desert.
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A series of planters like this one makes this area look alive, unfortunately with the extreme cold a couple of weeks ago not too many plants survived.
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I don't remember signing the rights for them to use my body as a model for the manequins, but oh well I'll let them slide this time.
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I didn't want this shot to go to waste, so I'll post it here too... Enjoy!
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While on my outing with my daughter we decided to drive over to the library, we were about a block away from it when I spotted this small church. I didn't see the name or what denomination it is but I liked it.
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Again, this is the same shopping center, notice the brick walkway from the previous picture. I like this shot because of the series of decorative portals. This is far from being a mall but ever since it was built right after the year 2000 this place is always packed. It houses some major stores and some 20 great restaurants.
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We never care where we walk unless it's a muddy road, if that was the case you would hate it would't you? Today while my daughter and I took a stroll down to the local shopping center I realized that most of the sidewalk is done in brick and it's really quite beautiful.
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Here's a sample of the typical Arizona landscape. No grass to take care of, only sand and gravel.
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While driving through the south side of Phoenix I found that there are a lot of things and places to photograph. Except there was too much traffic to stop anywhere. I did however stop to take a picture of this mural on a wall at a fish shack.
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I was actually taking pictures of the sky because it was dark gray and rainy, but as I stood by the fence I thought if would make for an interesting picture.
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Even if Phoenix it gets cold and these days it has been cold so we have to do what we have to do to stay warm.
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