Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

If you look beyond the bushes, the palm trees, the trees, and the grassy hill, right on top you'll see the Wrigley Mansion.
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I'm gonna climb me a mountain. Squaw Peak is a popular hicking place, once you reach the top you can see an breath taking view of Phoenix.
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I know it may not even come close to what the sky looks during a hurricane, but for Arizona standards it's angry enough.
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Desert scene through the window's mesh.
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I saw the opportunity and I took it. This shot was taken on a blind curve that's why the mirror is there, don't worry it was 7:00 a.m. so there was no traffic.
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Q: What do you do when you buy land and build your house in a desolate place, that's now populated? A: You name the street after you.
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Sunrise at 5:30 a.m. and the Fat Boy is ready to hit the road.
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This fence separates Nogales Mexico and Nogales Arizona. The script reads: "Frontiers - Earths Scars"
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I have lived in the Phoenix area for 16 years. I live only 10 minutes away from P.I.R., and I have only been here once, but oh what a day!
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Nascar - Subway 500.
Nothing like watching the races on a hot Phoenix day from the inside of an air conditioned suite.
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Last Friday when I went out to the front of my house the dust storm was already upon us. It was accompained by wind and rain and it gave this picture an amazing color. Ten more seconds and the neighbour's houses would not have been visible.
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And this is the same day 15 minutes after the sand storm and rain passed. I took this picture once again from my backyard. Most of our sunsets are orange, but this day we enjoyed a pink sunset. To say it was beautiful is an understatement.
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You may run but you can't hide.
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I really like this shot of the Gazebo at night with the London Bridge in the background, and the way the palm took first stage was really nice.
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OK, they're not really fairies, they are mosquitoes flying all over the place. The way the flash makes them shine is pretty cool, isn't it?
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What? Stay and guard the house, hell no... I'm riding with you.

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London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down... but now it sits magestically over the Colorado River in Lake Havazu City.
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I could probably take a picture per day of this scene and not duplicate it. This is yet another beautiful sunset.
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Just for being one of my faithful readers I'm posting your garden. I took this picture the last time I went to your house. and even though it was only about 98 degrees it was so humid that coming back to Arizona to 115 degrees was a welcomed relief.
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It's a bird, it's a plane. No! It's just an ultra light. Believe it or not this thing was flying over my house. Most of my sky shots are usually during cloudy days but this particular day the clouds took a vacation.
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If you look deep into the horizon, you'll see that line between, day and night.
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Look Mom, it doesn't matter how much "glue" you put in my mouth, I'm still gonna scream!
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“Ah, the patter of little feet around the house. There's nothing like the sound of the first steps of these little sandal wearing tiny feet.”
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What a beautiful place to marry. This is where my little baby said:
"I do"
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This boots were made for walking and that's just what they did, but now it's time to hang them up.
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In the desert you won't find a lot of grass but lots of stone instead, or you can be creative and come up with your own mottif. This is a great example of what a desert landscape should look like.
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In Arizona the effect of the sand and the Sun create some of the most dramatic sunsets you'll ever witness.
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Sometimes a shot where the camera didn't flash,or when the image comes out moved is also a good conversation piece and it's not nessesarily a bad shot.

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I took this picture of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction just before the monsoon hit.
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This little one already enjoys riding on my Fatboy, and no he's not pretending to be smoking, it's just an optical illution.
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While visiting the "Falcon Airfield" in Mesa, Az. I was able to take a picture of my Mustang with their Mustang. Although they both look pretty tamed, trust me they are still two wild ponies.
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Growing up in L.A. and going to Dodger Stadium, all my brother in law could say when I took him to "The Bob" now Chase Stadium was:
"This does not feel like a baseball stadium,
it's more like being at a mall"
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Oatman Hotel - Clark Gable used to spend time in this hotel. I guess he used to get his kicks on Route 66
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What do you mean no...? I too can be riden, once you personalize me with a few accesories of your choice you'll be proud to own me!
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Definitely not the fountain of youth. This fountain is in desperate need of water to fullfil it's mission in life.
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I thee wed.


To have and to hold from this day forward,

for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,

in sickness, and in health,

to love and to cherish,

till death us do part.

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"Blue Oval" and "Bar & Shield" - If I have to explain you wouldn't understand.
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Not quite a "Hell's Angel" but this renegade rode with me for quite a few miles before we parted ways.
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No matter how thick, the light will always shine through.
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Today I'm the lake, but tomorrow I'll be the sea.
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Nothing in this world is more inocent than a sleeping child.
Sleep! sleep! beauty bright,
Dreaming o'er the joys of night;
Sleep! sleep! in thy sleep
Little sorrows sit and weep.
-William Blake
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This is a scene from "Finding Nemo". What's special about this picture is that my 2-year old grandson (pictured above) grabbed my camera, turned it on and took the picture all by himself.
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Do you think that maybe, just maybe the mist will reach those inocent people standing on the bridge? - To put it mildly they'll be walking around wet for the next three hours.
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This could be one of the many creeks here in Arizona but this one happens to be in Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.
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Now that I dumped those two I'll go visit the "Duckworth's", I was told they live right in front this house.
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Where's our cousin "pato" I thought he was right behind us?
"Three little ducks went swimming one day,
under the bridge and far, far, away,
Mama Duck said 'Quack Quack Quack Quack'
And only 2 little ducks came swimming back."
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Just because you are a dry leaf I don't forget you were once like this fresh flower.
To pick a flower is so much more satisfying
than just observing it, or photographing it ...
So in later years, I have grown in my garden
as many flowers as possible for children to pick.
- Anne Scott-James
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If they were always this size I would drink all time.
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This is how our backyard looks on a normal sunny day.
And this when we are in the middle of a dust storm, notice the swaying palm trees, the ripples in the pool, and the zero visibility beyond the fence.
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