Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

I recognize that name. I took this picture while at NASCAR. It was one of the many concessions, take a look at those prices, kindda makes you go hungry instead.

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A dear friend of mine from whom we all just know as "Silly Fae" took the time to make this wonderful video for me. She did a slide show of some of my old pictures to the music of "Home" as interpreted by yours truly. This was definitely an early Christmas present that I got and now I ma sharing it with you. I really hope you enjoy it.

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Here's another tree I found that is probably over a hundred years old. I haven't been going places and I have run out of pictures to post, hopefully I'll start as soon as the new year comes.

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This is a scene from my street.

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The shirt says it all.

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View of Palm Lane in Avondale. It was a cloudy and rainy afternoon.

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"Mi chica" decided to set her Christmas dinning table up and this is the final result. I think it looks pretty Christmasy don't you?

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Box him up in, wrap him up and put him under the tree. This is "Ducky" my grandchild number four.

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This is what happens when trees get big and old, the branches get to be so long that they start falling down.

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I woke up Saturday and it was windy but sunny, half an hour later it got even cloudier, and an hour later the clouds were so low that in a matter of minutes the sky got black and the rain started. It rainded all day long. Perfect setting for sitting inside watching Chritmas movies.

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