Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

I'm still on 25peeps so will you vote for me. Just click on the picture and then click on the thumbnail of the same picture.
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One of the best features in my mom's house backyard is her orange tree. Sweet juicy oranges that make the best home made orange juice.
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OK I'm stretching it a little. My camera is having some issues and I haven't been able to take new pictures, so I'm using pictures that you may think I posted. They are different, it's just that sometimes if I photograph a sunset I take about five pictures in slightly different spots. So until I figure out what's wrong with my camera I'll be a little slow posting new pictures. Thanks for your understading and patience.
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Picture taken by Michelle
This is one cool picture that needs no explanation.
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We were the hosts for last weekend's NASCAR races, billed as the most profitable day of the year not only for Avondale but for the whole Phoenix area.
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Shirt signed by the 1994 Los Angeles Dodgers team.
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Sunsets come in many different colors, I called this one Orange Crush because the whole sky turned orange on this particular afternoon.
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Veteran's Day Weekend
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This is Veteran's Day weekend, so I'm trying to stay within the patriotic spirit to say "Thank You" to all veterans out there.
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"Old Glory"
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In Arizona rain is welcomed with open arms. Living in such dry part of the country every drop counts.
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See how beautiful the sky looks, the sun's last glimpse for the day.
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November is here and soon this gardens won't look this green, however winter here in Phoenix won't look too different than summer.
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Here's another shot of the fountain sitting in my mom's back yard. It has a playful theme with rocks and squirrels and plenty of green plants around it.
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I miss my palm tree, this shot would have had it but now it's gone, it was removed last week and now I have a clearer view of the lake.
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This one has a long way to go. Maybe I'll come back and visit to see how much it has grown.
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The sweetest oranges come off this one tree, and then my mom makes orange juice the good ol' fashion way.
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I don't know what the story behind this piece of bridge is, but when I saw it I thought it would make a nice photograph.
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The gardens at Marivale Hospital are very relaxing. A welcome change in a place that stress is usually dominant.
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This is my 1993 Mustang GT Convertible. Always ready to cruise and to give me lots of good times. It's been my raliable pony since August of 1999.
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