Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Diego Ray, last year's Halloween.
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Here are my five little rays of sunlight that light my way and warm my heart.
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And it better be Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!
Picture taken by Vanessa last year.
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And this one is our entry for the pumpkin decorating contest to be held on Tuesday the 31st.
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Here it is, this is our "famous" Halloween entry at work, we hung it a day before the deadline so the next day all the other teams tried their hardest to beat us... some of them may have, but it was fun.
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The sky turned black and only a few white patches were showing. Rain and my car don't mix, because it needs a new rear window and when it rains water goes in.
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It rained so hard the other day that if I would have placed a 50-gallon drum under the roof of my house it would have filled up completely.
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In contrast to the previous picture, this sunset is more serene. The birds are calling it a day and they are coming back to their nests and the sun is saying good night and I will see you bright and early.
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This particular sunset gives the illusion of a runaway sun, more like a comet at full speed.
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This is one of the restaurants at The Buttes Resort and Spa in Phoenix. The whole resort is built to blend in with the surroundings.
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Normally when I leave my house to go to work is still dark and then the sun starts coming out and blinds me all the way to work. On this particular day the sun was already rising and I was not even on the freeway yet (yes I was late), what I liked about this sunset is the fact that you could actually see the sun without blinking. It was indeed a beautiful sunrise.
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Believe it or not, if you are waiting for the bus these are two of the seats at the bus stop. It's the city's idea of a love seat.
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Yet one more scene from Catalina Island. There are plenty of activities in this island, four hours was just not enough. We must go back.
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Last year I still gave this a try. It was fun to go to a couple of skate parks with my son-in-law and go down the ramps. That's a daring as I got, but now I can tell you for sure that my skater days are behind me.
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Something about yellow houses and white picket fences has always caught my eye.
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Blue skies, coming at me, nothng but blue skies do I see.
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This cactus looks like it was used for target practice, but I don't think it was. They are protected.
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Yes, Phoenix is in the desert and there is plenty of sand to throw around, but don't be fooled, we do have some of this beautiful green stuff. If you don't beleive me ask my nose, it's plenty allergic to grass.
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Fountains give me a peaceful feeling. The water, the sound, the beauty, all combined make a perfect place for you to toss a penny and make a wish.
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Today, it sits as a skeleton of what once was.
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Perhaps nothing seems special about this swan, but my father in law whom happens to be sort of a Jack of all trades made it out of old pieces of wood. That in my book makes it... priceless!
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With the election month coming up and all I decided to post this patriotic picture. Call it Buffalo Bill and Yankee Doodle.
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Another scene from "The Farm" restaurant in Phoenix.
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There's something about fountains that sooth the soul. The sound the water makes as it cascades, and the hundreds of wishes entrusted upon them.
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This patio has seen many family gatherings and carne asadas, birthday celebrations and mother's day reunions, and will be the site of our Renewal of Vows ceremony in a couple of weeks.
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This picture reminded me of the color of a Tequila Sunrise, and now I'm going to be craving one so...
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Roses are by far some of the most romantic flowers. When used properly they will convey the message without the need for words.
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This looks like it was a bridge at some point in time, now it just sits there caged all the way around. It is located at Tempe Lakes Park in Tempe.
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Tempe Diablo Stadium hosts a variety of events, as well as the Spring Training home to Angels Baseball.
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How about this to grace your game room wall. This Dodgers baseball jersey was signed by the 1994 Dodgers.
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This charming little house shows what curb appeal is all about. Story goes that this home owner started a trend in his neighborhood by setting the example and then helping others make their homes look nice.
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When the lady of the house asked the husband for window coverings, he took it to the next level.
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This pile of rubble should have been an eyesore and yet when I saw I thought it didn't look that bad. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was in front of an empty lot, somehow it seemed to fit in.
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Graffiti is a rare find in most of the areas that Iam around. When I spotted this it caught my eye right away
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And yet one more shot of my backyard as the sun sets against this beautiful background. With monsoon season the sunsets are not this beautiful.
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Most of the time the water ripples and moves constantly, on this occasion it barely moved.
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This has to be one of the most pretty bus stop that I have seen in quite a while. The wire tunnel and innovative seating surrounded by flowers make this one a one of a kind.
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It's no secret I love sunsets and if I have the chance I'll take a picture if one captures my eye. This one is such a sunset, notice the rain falling down opposite the sun.
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Scene of what you may find if you visit Catalina Island. There are plenty of charming places to visit and activities to participate in.
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Just beyond the rail, where the sea meets the sky things may look blury, but at that moment in time our lives were very clear.
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One of the many signs in the City of Avalon in Catalina Island.
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Everyday as you come back to your state room a towell puppet would be waiting for you. In this occasion it was two swans placed together so that their faces and necks would make a heart.
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There are a few houses built on the cliff but this one can be spotted as soon as you disembark. Catalina Island/City of Avalon is definitely a place I want to visit again but for a weekend... Maybe next year.
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Buildings in San Diego
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The flying saucer looking thing in the background is a restaurant and is on the 14th floor. I believe it's the highest point a passenger can be while on the ship.
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As viewed from the top of the ship. This is one of the many ways to spend the time in San Diego. Tours run at all times.
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Not only was this seagul not camera shy, but she was actually posing for me.
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How many boats can you fit in a picture?
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