Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

The Point Tapatio Spa andResort in Phoenix has this nice fountain right at the entrance.
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This fountain is across the street from my work, I finally decided to photograph it and the security guard wanted to confiscate my camera because according to him I was not allowed to take pictures there. He probably toght I was a high profile thief making plans to steal it.
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If you use your imagination you'll think this is the open country, but in reality this is another scene from the grounds at "The Farm", and it's right in the city.
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This is a beautiful garden complete with an awsome fountain, however during our short little breaks there the moskitoes bit the hell out of us.
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The Sun showing it's true form... It's like fire in the sky.
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Scene from my back yard as seen through the window in my bedroom.
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"Hey you guys don't turn around but there's this crazy man behind you snapping pictures of you two"
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This is the kitchen store at "The Farm" in Phoenix.
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Have you seen her? Miss Britt's gone MIA. The reward for finding her will be tons of good fun reading.
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And since I hadn't post my backyard for a while today I'm sharing these two sunsets with you.
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The lake was so tranquil and the weather so nice I just had to take out the camera and shoot some pictures.
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Tin shed at "The Farm"
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The Farm at South Mountain is an outside restaurant that is set in the middle of the city and yet it gives you the feeling that you are in the country. Definitely one of Phoenix best kept secrets.
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This is a different kind of fountain, it's small, it's pretty and it also happens to rest in the backyard of my Mom's house.
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Maryvale Hospital has this water feature which is under ground level. There's a garden and an eating area right next to it. The sound of the fountain echoes all over the place with a loud rage that in a place like a hospital where people are usually stressed, this loud fountain soothes your nerves.
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Somebody thought that the corner of 40th street and Baseline needed decorations. And this is what they came up with.
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What once was is now nothing but a skeleton of a building. Come on anyone flip this building!
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Someone must have stayed all day and all night painting this building. Not really! This building has had this mural since I started working in this area 16 years ago. Even though it'n not in a great neighborhood, it has stayed free of grafitty.
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Two minutes away from my work you'll find these building which is covered from top to bottom with a mural.
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As we remember the heroes that left us on 911 a glimpse of progress as a sign that life goes on shows in the background.
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This banner has been touring the country since it's inception from 911
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Image borrowed from the World Wide Web
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Photograph by Michelle.
~~~~~~~~~~ If I was a ducky I would be swimming with you, instead I'll just say hi and good bye.
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