Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!


Although there's a drink in my hand, and a very delicious one at that as it was prepared by my wife. It's not about the drink but about who I drink with and why I drink. Since I'm not a drinker I carefully choose my drinking occasions and partners. This particular one was last year during Father's Day. I lost my dad four years ago, but in this picture I proudly stand next to my Father In Law. Cheers!
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It is so wonderful to finally get an idea of what you look like :)

You're very handsome!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:03 PM  
Hello! I'm from Central CA, and yep, I understand that "dry heat" thing!
I love your palms...we lost half of ours in the hard freeze.
You're very fortunate to have your FIL to have a sip with and you're so right about "it's who you drink with..."
very nice! a pose w/ ur father-in-law! i love ur shirts!!! I guess coming from a tropical country, I would notice it right away,lol!

happy hunting!
Blogger jennyr, at 2:19 AM  
Nice pic of the two of you. It seems there is plenty of ice cubes in your drink!
happy saturday!
Blogger MaR, at 3:20 AM  
i agree ... it's also important to me who i drink with. :)
love the drink your wife made ... looks really nice and cool!
That's lovely, from every point of view!
Blogger A., at 5:01 AM  
great pic :) and a yummy looking drink in your hand :)
Nice Drink photo, but even better one of you and your Dad-in-law.

Happy St. Patricks Day :)
what a wonderful picture this week
What a wonderful picture
It's a blessing to have great in-laws. I was very blessed with my mom-in-law in particular.

Your blog title made me smile. I have always lived in the humid south, and my husband is from Idaho. Once we were visiting there in the summer, and it was sooo hot I was sweating my face off, and got so tired of people saying, "Well, at least here it's a dry heat -- we don't have the humidity." I wanted to say, "But it's still HOT!" :-)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 AM  
You can never have too many pictures of your father or father-in-law or any relative as you never know how long they will be with you. So sorry for your loss, the pain never goes away but is tempered with time and memories.
Blogger srp, at 6:54 AM  
Great photo! It get's mighty hot in Texas too. Hawai'i is hot but the highest it gets is in the very low 90's. My granddaughter always goes for the slurpees when it's hot.

Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:24 AM  
I agree with you completely - it's not what you drink, it's who you drink it with. And it looks like you had a great drinking partner there!
Blogger Linda, at 7:57 AM  
I love what you said - the it's not what it' with who. Great words of wisdom. You look like two proud men standing there.

Sorry for the loss of your Dad.
Yummy-looking drink and cool shirts! Before I read your post I actually thought that was your dad with you, you definitely look related.
Sorry for the loss of your Dad.

Great photo - and a really nice sentiment.

Wishing you happy days ahead
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 AM  
Jose-How wonderful that you have been blessed with the love of another father figure in your life! He looks like someone to be admired.

Blessings to you-
Blogger Delete, at 3:19 PM  
What a nice sentiment!

Mine's up :)
Oh, so THATS what you look like! I had another picture of you in my head...

=]] just kidding dad. Love the picture of u and Apa!
Great photo!
Good choice for the theme this week.
Thanks for dropping by.
Happy weekend
Cheers to you'll too from Vancouver - the wet coast of Canada!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:35 AM  
2 and a half years ago tio, not four silly

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