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This house is right by the freeway, I see it everyday as I drive by it, so this week I got out the freeway and stopped to photograph it. Well right across the street there's a similar house but this one is finished already. The difference with these two houses is that they stick like a sore thumb because they look totally different from the houses around them. Where I live you can't do that because being a new neighbourhood with association and all, there's no room for individuality.
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It seems as if it was haunted... Can't really say it's beautiful *grin*
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 PM  
Great pictures!
I agree. It doesn't blend with the rest of the neighborhood. If there are two of them being erected, then there may be a possibility that the rest of the houses might follow suit.

Cheers to your weekend!
Not that it's haunted but as you said, it sure is a sore eye.
Mine is up too.
it looks old and new to me, a juxtaposition if you will??

smiles, bee
at first i thought it was the same house in both shots ... can't say i really like the design, but i think it's great that they can choose whatever house design they want.
love your choice for this theme!
Since I live in a condo association, I can truely understand the need and want of individuality...I would love to design my home, but I do think it needs to "fit in" in the neighborhood just a bit! My photo is up, please come and visit
They are not at all what i had in mind when i think of house in a the US.
I think i am lucky here in England because i can look all around and see really old buildings. I was going to take a picture of the church up the road, thats a 1000 years old.
Blogger Claire, at 6:01 PM  
Very lovely homes. They look like the ones here in Texas. they have some beautiful ones in Celina.

Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 PM  
It may not blend in with the neighborhood but I do like the house itself. It reminds me of the old houses when I grew up with the towers, widow walks and screened porches. Even the windows are paned in the old manner. It probably is not authentic inside though (no oak woodwork)! Great choice!
Blogger Andree, at 6:22 PM  
That's too bad -- I love individuality in houses. these are truly unusual.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:53 PM  
Those houses are quite interesting! I kinda like the cone shaped roof! But probably not a house I would be interested in buying! My photo is up!
I like these houses, both of them, they have character. In Belgium you can built whatever style you like, you only have to respect the distance from the neighbor's house and of course the height. You can't built a tower house. It's quite nice because then the areas are not looking so uniform.
In other European countries they may have different laws of course.
How interesting. From what I can see, those houses seem to be much higher than the neighbouring ones, which wouldn't be allowed near us. You have to respect the roof line of the area.

Thanks for being my first commenter this week!
Blogger A., at 10:59 PM  
I love the second photo. Too bad it and the other one sticks out like a sore thumb. Thanks for stopping by earlier in the week. I will have to come back later and read about your great weather. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
I like these houses too. It's too bad they aren't somewhere beautiful and scenic instead of right off the freeway.
Blogger Daisy, at 3:25 AM  
I like them. They are different and the one looks like they took an old house and are improving/updating it. Nice way to recycle. Great pictures and great take on the theme :)
I like the cupola and you must admit that these houses have personality and are not just cookie cutter versions of the others around them. I wonder what they look like inside?
Blogger Linda, at 8:19 AM  
I love the turret! And it's a shame these houses have to have ugly old chain link fence around them! I hope they get lovingly totally restored, and a new (more attractive) fence gets installed! Thanks for sharing!
I love the old houses, they have character.
So many old Victorian style houses being torn down in the Atlanta area and are being replaced with huge modern houses.
Looks like this is just the opposite :)

Neat pics!
So is this new construction? Very quaint houses for sure. I like Victorian to a point, but really like the old Victorian farm houses that sprawl all over with the large wide porches and swings.

I despise the cookie cutter houses most developers put up.
Blogger srp, at 2:41 PM  
This reminds me of a few "oddball" homes built in Savannah just to make a point about the building codes.
I love the second house, but not the roof line on the first, and love individuality in houses. . .
The houses are nice, but don't seem to fit in with Arizona. Have a great week!
Individuality is good. We have some houses where I live that don't fit in, too...

I agree these scream old and new. Kinda neat.

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