Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

So I finally went into The Petersen House Museum and saw the inside of it. This old Victorian house does have the wow factor all over it. This is the parlor and see how cozy it looks, the white paint on the walls make the room look so much brighter. One thing I really liked was the gold frame rail which was sitting so high on the wall that all the art has a long cord from the frame to where the hook is. I thought that was pretty interesting and it actually added a lot of character.

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| posted by Jose, 6:49 PM


I remember being in houses like that when I was young, especially with the high railing. These would be at my great aunts' homes in London.
Blogger ChrisJ, at 7:27 PM  
That is the first thing I noticed in this picture! Love it!
Oh how cozy is this.... I can sit in the chair.... you can play the piano by the wall, and maybe we could harmonize..... Wait... I'll make tea.

Also love the cords holding the pictures.... Lovely.
Blogger Wanda, at 8:11 PM  
Hey Jose ~ Thanks for your Thanksgiving comment.

We are having Thanksgiving at our daughter's home.... if I was hosting it here, I wouldn't be able to decorate Christmas. Put on the Christmas CD's and I'm really GIVING THANKS for Christmas!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your lovely family...LOL Wanda
Blogger Wanda, at 10:24 AM  

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