Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Friday afternoon I was in my bedroom looking out the window when I noticed that the reflection of the sky in the lake had a reddish color to it. I pulled my camera and went outside to the patio and took a couple of shots. I took this picture at the precise moment when the sun had just barely disappeared over the horizon but it still gave some light, three more minutes and it would have been a totally different shot. Keep in mind that I don't mess with the camera's settings and or photo shop any of my pictures. Anyway timing is everything and here is the result.

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| posted by Jose, 12:14 PM


Jose, from your bedroom window...Eat my heart out!!! How fair is that...I see a wooden fence from my bedroom window!! Just deserve a view like that...I'm glad!!!
Blogger Wanda, at 10:09 AM  
I like the colors. I like them a lot!

Is that rail there on purpose? I think without it, this would really be an idyllic photo.
Blogger Marko, at 12:37 AM  

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