Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!


A $.99 pair of PLASTIC floaties make a huge difference in keeping what's priceless safe.

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| posted by Jose, 11:35 PM


pink is cute and so is the owner! she's enjoying the water. it is important to a pair of this, especially for young one. great idea! :)
awwww.... she's cute, and definitely priceless.

hmmm.... me wants go swimming too. wheee....
That is an adorable shot. I love the plastic floaties. Where I live (U.S.) we call them water wings. She certainly looks like a little angel.
Blogger Carver, at 5:39 AM  
Such a cutie... she looks extremely determined! I can't imagine not knowing how to swim, nice to have her learning at an early age.
Blogger JC, at 7:05 AM  
Such a mall investment with such a wonderful payoff!!
What a doll! Yes, we call those water wings here in the US...thank God for plastic! lol..Thanks for visiting my photo hunt with our costume for TwinsDays!
Hey JOE I will trade you my kitty kat for that beautiful,precious grand daughter,only hand one rest are boys she is so adorable
Adorable...Those are just the cutest floaties...Look at those eyelashes...!
Blogger Wanda, at 9:35 PM  
She is little bug also has everything strawberry shortcake!
Very cute.
Gotta love them floaties! That's one cute little swimmer you've got there. Great model for The Hunt this week.

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