Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Another image captured by my phone camera. I just like the way the fountain looks and the way they did the top of the buildings with all that rod iron work.


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Rain,rain, go away come back another day... oh that's right it's already another day.

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On my way to church last Sunday the clouds gathered and had a meeting, on their agenda they were planning on getting me wet. So they decided to wait until an hour and a half later and at the precise moment when I was going to the car it started raining so hard that by the time I reached the door I was soaking wet.

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Looks like a blast from the past.

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Buckeye Museum, small yet full of history.

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H.E. Kell & Co. Museum in the town of Buckeye. Just a few minutes from Avondale. Buckeye is a farming town that holds a lot of history and photo ops. This I had to take with my phone as I forgot my camera but a special trip just to take photos is to follow.

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