Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Well I took two pictures of this sunset, so here is the second one.

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Friday afternoon I was in my bedroom looking out the window when I noticed that the reflection of the sky in the lake had a reddish color to it. I pulled my camera and went outside to the patio and took a couple of shots. I took this picture at the precise moment when the sun had just barely disappeared over the horizon but it still gave some light, three more minutes and it would have been a totally different shot. Keep in mind that I don't mess with the camera's settings and or photo shop any of my pictures. Anyway timing is everything and here is the result.

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Can anyone out there tell me what's more ORIGINAL than this 65 Mustang convertible which by the way is in it's ORIGINAL condition. The irony is that the name of the owner of this car, one of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet is Chevy.

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This trailer is parked around the street from work and it always catches my attention from the rest because of the red AC unit mounted in front. So today I decided to just take the picture.

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What a nice place to take a rest weather during lunch or brake. I wish we had a similar place around my work but since we don't I'll continue to have my breaks in my office.

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I'm standing in the same place from the last picture but facing the opposite way. This view is towards the West looking out to Avondale Blvd. The signs are letting me know I-10 is just half a block away, and the building peeking on the right side is PIR's (Phoenix International Raceway)headquarters. There's some very nice desert landscaping around this area.

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I stopped again at the Avondale Civic Center and took a couple more pictures. The weather here in Phoenix has cooled down considerably and once again I feel like getting out and exploring the neighborhood for some more photo ops.

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This building was supposed to be a shopping center but when the people failed to show up it became partially an office building. Now ASU has made a campus out of it.

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The other day I drove by this house and couldn't help but wonder how it would look it the front garden was well taken care of, I also wonder about what kind of architecture it is. It looks like it has a lot of potential but as of now it's a little creepy.

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So, I started pre-school on Thursday and I really loved it, so much that I wanted to go today too, I found out that there's no school on Saturdays and Sundays bummer. Anyway since I'm a school boy now I'll spend the weekend reading this here "PAPER" maybe I'll see something on section three about school being mandatory on Saturdays and Sundays.

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OK, let me pull you away from the Arizona Center. Driving home I saw this wall and I figured it would be a nice shot for my mural and "barrio art" series. There is something about street painting that attract me, normally they all have a story behind the painting as well as the people that did them, but in the end they are there for us to enjoy or hate. Me, I tend to like them.

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One of the many beautiful scenes at the Arizona Center. When this place failed to do what it was built to ASU took over the second floor thus extending it's downtown campus. You'll see lots of students walking around these gardens.

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Nothing more soothing than the sound of the water as you are enjoying lunch or dinner at a fine restaurant. This is one of the many treats you'll find here.

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Next time I'll take this shot from the second floor, I think the metal ramadas will look pretty impressive, but for today let this give you an idea of how nice these restaurant is.

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Why a frog? I don't know, but it certainly is a cool spulpture sitting in the center of the garden at the Arizona Center.

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This image is from one of the gardens at the Arizona Center. The pond gives so much character to the area which is full of benches to just sit and relax. I had been here before but this time with my camera in hand it was as if I was there for the first time taking in images I had never paid attention to.

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A $.99 pair of PLASTIC floaties make a huge difference in keeping what's priceless safe.

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This is the Arizona Center building, I took this picture from one of the gardens.

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It had been a while since I left the freeway for the streets so yesterday I decided to exit on 7th street and drive the streets the rest of the way home. A car left a parking spot on the street with about 30 minutes of free parking for me so I decided to walk around and take some pictures. The place was the Arizona Center and even though I only snapped some 13 pictures I could spend a good hour just looking for the many photo ops there. The next set is from there, I hope you enjoy them.

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I have a thing for fountains and every time I see one I have to take a picture of it. This one I took some time back during my nieces party at Castles and Coasters.

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Photos borrowed from the World Wide Web.

This is a tribute to 911 and all the fallen heroes. You will never be forgotten.

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One more for the window series of Wesgate City Walk. This one is called "High Fidelity".

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Different shot of the small island coming into Cyrstal Gardens in Avondale, Arizona.

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I posted this picture not too long ago from our trip to Rocky Point in Mexico but even though it may still be fresh our minds I thought it was a great picture for the theme.

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It took four individual pictures to cover the complete mural, this is the last of the four. I also decided to create a panorama picture with all four fused together.

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Sunsets are like people, no two of them are alike. I love the way the sky is painted on this one. Also note the lack of wind as the water is so still it almost looks like a mirror.

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The beauty of a monsoon in the afternoon.

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The sky got dark and the sun hid behind the clouds for a little while, but just to let us know he was still there he left a little hole between the clouds where he could shine through.

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Coming into our neighbourhood you'll see a lake with a small island surrounded by water fountains. It's a very nice small spot and it has been used for weddings in the past. It's also a great place to take family photos. Across the street from it is the fire station. I like the South Western building style.

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I looked and looked on my archives and could not find anything for this week's theme. So I went into the kitchen and and saw "mi chica" and my daughter cleaning so I asked let me see the bottom of your feet, and before she knew it my finger was pressing the button and this picture was made. Sorry, that's the best I can do this week.
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