Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

These are some of the escentials for a succesful swimming pool party. On Sunday we celebrated Alayna's 2nd birthday. My son was kind enough to let us party at his house in his pool. It was hot, humid, but it was fun.

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Same scene from the previous picture but different take. Just proof that we do have clouds in Phoenix.

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What a difference a day makes, I took this picture two days ago from my neighbour's front yard, even thogh the sky was totally cloudy and the monsoon was in full bloom the temperature was still well over a hundred making it a muggy day. Today is all sunny once again. I love Phoenix.

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Pictures taken by: Nichole

This is my very CREATIVE daughter Nikki, she is constantly entering this "Make Up" competitions and she does pretty good in them. In the same way we get a theme for the "Photo Hunt" each week, they too get a different theme and the make up has to be applied to reflect whatever the theme is.

I am showing you three out of many of her self portraits, this is one of those times I thought one was not enough. I think she is very talented and CREATIVE, don't you agree?

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Yesterday as I came home from work a monsoon started to form in the North side of the city and it started to move in the direction I was traveling. I had just washed my car so the few drops of rain and the sand flying around was enough to get it all dirty again. As soon as I got home I went to my back yard and started shooting, I took at least ten pictures as the monsoon passed by.

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Perfect setting for a Friday afternoon dinner. One of the rewards of working all week is that on the weekends you can get a special treat.

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This is a a wall and pillar inside "El Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe" in East Los Angeles. The whole inside is covered with gold paint, the detail just never end.

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I took this picture the other day while on my way home. It's not common to see a buildng built entirely with red brick. It actually looks like it's empty but I could be wrong. I like the architecture as well, I have no idea what style it is though.

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Two memorials displayed at Weslin Bolin Plaza in Central Phoenix.

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No, not mine but you have to admit even though I am a Ford guy this Hummer is pretty nice. Can do without the gas bill though. If I had one my pocket would constantly be going ouch!
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" TINY "

Picture taken by: Michelle

As usual so many choices, what do I post? This week I am posting this TINY mouse as last Tuesday she turned 2 years old. I truly think it's only appropriate.(CLICK HERE TO READ HER BIRTHDAY POST)

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My little own personal oasis a.k.a. my back yard.

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One more from the window series from Westgate. The previous pictures I posted show the sexiness of the girls while this one shows more of the innocent side. I really like this one, hope you do too.

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Let's go back to Rocky Point just for a little while. So much I saw in just one day, therefore so much to show you. This particular shot is a favorite of mine, love the way the water is so clear once it hits the shore, the rocky floor just adds beauty to the whole thing.

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Another shot of the Yard House, this one from the front patio. By the time Superbowl comes to town and you start seeing the images on TV you'll remember seeing the here first.

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One hundred yards to my right was the river, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity of taking this desert scene picture. Tubing proved to be a fun, relaxing activity. We'll definitely go back.

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If you are a Harry Potter fan then you'll go watch the movies no matter what. My daughter Nikki got me into reading the books and I got hooked. She did go see the movie and now wants to go again with me. So it comes as no surprise that Harry Potter is the #1 movie in the nation. Just a few more day and the suspense will be over as the last book also comes out. One more character is going to die. Does anybody know who it is? Any predictions? Does anybody care?

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Pictures taken by: Michelle

On our last trip to California while at my nieces graduation party, my daughter and nieces decided to make SHADOWS on the wall and they liked what they saw so they started taking pictures. I told my daughter that this weeks theme was "SHADOWS" and she started laughing because she did have some. She downloaded these pictures into my folder and so today I display them for the weeks theme. I hope you like them, they are somewhat funny.

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The Yard House, I hear it's a house of many beers and very good food but I still haven't tried it myself. Memo to me... must go there, have a drink and eat.

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I went to a baseball game and this building is being built right across the street from the stadium. This is a new trend here in Phoenix, they are building condominiums in the busy areas. Westgate is doing the same thing, apparently there are lots of people that love to live right in the center of the action. So here's a look on how the wheels of progress keep progressing. I can see this building from the freeway coming from work so I'll stop and take another picture once things change a little more.

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I shall give it a try but with 110 degree weather it's kind of hard to get fresh. Another of the many posterized windows at Westgate.

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Another example of the great use of color at Westgate. These are more like Miami colors not Arizona. I am glad someone decided to break the mold and start something new. When completely finished, this is going to be a great venue for people to have fun and it will be completed before next year's Super Bowl.

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This is a beautiful mural of "La Virgen de Guadalupe" (Our Lady of Guadalupe). It's painted right above the entrance of the rectory of "El Inmaculado Corazon de Maria" church in Phoenix. "CLICK HERE" to see the church again.
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So far everyone that has seen it says it's totally worth it. Based on what I've seen on the previews I think they are right. I took this picture about two months ago when I visited Westgate City Walk, this billboards are huge, the picture does not make the actual sign justice.

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" This week's theme is FAKE but today I won't be participating so that I can do this special 1-year Anniversary post "

I started my "Arizona... but it's a dry heat!" photo blog on July 6 of 2006 and so far it has been a blast, it's actually a challenge to go out on your normal day and spot things, places, even people that you want to photograph in order to keep the blog fresh and interesting. I have tried to give you a variety of pictures, from the shots of my back yard, the buildings in downtown Phoenix, to the ocean of Rocky Point.

So far it's all been good, as I get more people to come and visit more than once and reading your kind comments makes me look forward to a second year of pictures. Without a doubt Saturday's "Photo Hunters" has been a source for new visitors.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope to keep reading from you throughout the second year.

I'll be leaving for Mexico City on Sunday and wont' be back until July the 23rd. Unless I get my hands on a computer, which I highly doubt there won't be any new posts until then.

Again thanks for all the support and great commets.

Your friend Jose a.k.a. "Joe Cool"

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This is the Arizona State Building. I love the old architecture found in the Historical Distric in downtown Phoenix.

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Fly them high, fly them proud... Happy 4th of July

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Chiriaco Summit, one of my favorite spots to stop while traveling to and fro California. This is by the entrance of their small post office and right next to the restaurant.

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A rose, is a rose, is a rose. This one all the way from La Puente California. It rests nicely and confortably on my sister's house front yard.

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Photo taken by: Michelle

If you haven't guessed by now Michelle is my daughter and she has a great eye for for taking some of the nicest pictures. I like to share my blog and post some of her shots every now and then. She took this one in Rocky Point last week. I love the way the horse and carriage came out, if only that little white car wouldn't have been there. Still the picture came out great.

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