Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

In this picture what lays beyond the tunnel isn't really a secret. The tunnel is like the entrance to a different place, you go from the South side of Phoenix right into Downtown.
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When I took this picture over at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza I thought that this row of palm trees would make for an interesting picture. I wasn't wrong, in the picture it looks as if the long row of palm trees bunched together, but just look at the shadows and you'll get the optical illusion.
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Inside the stadium right after the roof was opened. It was a night game and the breeze was just perfect. Diamondbacks vs. Padres, "Mi chica" and I decided to go home as it had been a boring game. The Diamondbacks were just not hitting, so we left with a score of two to zero. As we are watching the news we see our Diamondbacks jumping up and down. On the last out the ball was hit and so we won 3 - 2. That's what happens when we don't stick around.
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" RARE "

I went trough my files of what I had posted before just to see if there were any RARE pictures. I came up with these two. The first one is a company just around the corner from my work. Don't you agree that the paint job is pretty "RARE". Not to mention unique. The second picture is the window from the house next to my brother in law's in California. Wouldn't you say that's a RARE window cover.
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Through the fence, over the mesh wire, between the parking lot and the stadium, right there in the center is the Bank of America building.
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The west side entrance to Chase Stadium, home of the Arizona, Diamonbacks.

"Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack, I don't care if I never get back,
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game."

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Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza1700 West Washington Street, (at the corner of 17th Avenue), Phoenix, AZ

Downtown Phoenix is home to this tribute to lost veterans of several wars including World Wars, Korean Conflict, Vietnam and the more recent Desert Storm. Encompassing two square blocks, adjacent to the State Capitol Museum, this park features monuments to those lost; the anchor from the USS Arizona, lost at Pearl Harbor and statues of Arizona contributors such as Franklin D. Roosevelt for his work with the Civilian Conservation Corps. Frequently utilized for festivals including Fabulous Phoenix 4th, this no-fee park is also a hot-spot for political gatherings.
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One Renaissance Square. Picture takes from Central Avenue.
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Driving by City Hall you will see the support they are giving to our beloved "Phoenix Suns". The Suns seem to be having a tremendous season and with a little luck mixed with all their talent we might just win the whole thing.
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Here's another great bulding out of the Historical District in Downton Phoenix.

The Carnegie Center is a symbol of continuity. In an era when so many places look alike, this unique building demonstrates the resilience and viability of its neighborhood. Today, the Carnegie Center is being returned to its role as a multi-service center that will serve workers and residents in downtown Phoenix and the eastern Capitol Mall.
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This past week I have been driving through the Historical District in Downtown Phoenix in search of old building to photograph. What I noticed is that progress continues on it's way as many new buildings are being erected and so the "old" is now mixed with the "new" in apparent agreement.

This week the theme is "steps", I was looking for a series of steps on the ground but instead was attracted to these two buildings, one is old and the other one is new. Look at the difference in architecture.

In the first building the stairs or steps are on the side as a means to escape in case on an emergency, notice the ornaments at the top of the building showing signs of our past.

In the second picture the stairs or steps are right in the front of the building and are meant to be the focal point of it.

I photographed both buildings the same day, I though I was lucky to find both examples, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

This also marks the first time that I will post the big pictures in a "portrait" format, so far I had only posted in "landscape", let me know if you would like to see more in portrait or should keep posting in landscape. I'll appreciate your input on this.

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Again, I took this shot while at a red light. This is the Maricopa County Court House. Traffic has been good to me.
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At Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix you find many memorials. This one says it all, "Freedom Is Not Free".
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I took this shot of Patriots Square yesterday on my way home. Traffic was heavy and there lots of people at the park. I was waiting for the red light to turn green while driving, I pointed and as soon as a pick up truck that was blocking my view took off I pressed the shutter. Amazingly no cars passed and only on person came out in the shot. This park serves downtown with two and a half acres of relaxing greenery, this park is a perfect spot to pass the time. One of Phoenix's "Points of Pride", the park serves a dual purpose: above, it is accessed by the public as a beautiful park; below, you will find a practical hidden parking structure. Many celebrations are held here, including Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's Day. You can often catch midday performances on the outdoor stage. Admission is free.
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ASU at the Downtown Center campus Mercado. Higher education, something that I didn't have but that for our future generations is the only way to go.
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Historic Heritage Square is a striking remnant of Phoenix’s Victorian past. The Rosson House is the cornerstone of a city block dating from the late 1800s. Museums, shops and restaurants now inhabit the block, which encompasses the only remaining group of residential structures from the original townsite of Phoenix. Historic Heritage Square is a part of Heritage & Science Park that includes the Arizona Science Center (602-716-2000), Phoenix Museum of History(602-253-2734), restaurants and a parking garage. The park is operated by the city of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department in conjunction with the Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation.
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Our Night Skies
by Bernard Howe

Night time temperatures begin to cool, and stars become so clear and bright. I love to look into the heaven's on a clear cool autumn's night. The sky seems so crystal clear as the heat rays have now past. I stare into the Milky Way it just looks so big and vast. I often wonder what's out there that we can't begin to see. Some tiny world with living life with maybe a dark blue sea.
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So I guess by now most of my visitors have realized that one of my hobbies is to take pictures. I am far from being a photographer and I don't own sophisticated equipment, just a small Kodak digital camera and a Sony Mavica. I started this blog as another hobby so I guess two of my hobbies are represented here.

The second picture in this sequence is yet another of my hobbies, as I collect die cast model cars. I even fooled some of my blogging friends into believing I owned two of the baddest Mustangs around. (Click here) to read that post.

Another hobby of mine, actually this one is more of a passion than a hobby is to ride my Harley shown in the center of the first picture. And the last picture just shows the view from my backyard.

Again, I couldn't keep this one to one picture only. All my pictures are untouched, they go straight from my camera to you, no photo shop or retouching of any kind. Hope you like them.

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In Los Angeles they have "The Los Angeles Times". In New York they have "The New York Times". In Phoenix we have "The Arizona Republic".
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At the Arizona Center, home of many fine restaurants and lots of shops, the flags fly proudly while in the background the signs of progress remind us that Arizona just keeps getting better and better.
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Every time I go to the bank, there's an office furniture store next door and on the outside they have this chair. I always think maybe they are hoping that Gulliver will visit them and so the have a chair ready for him to sit down.
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As I said before, I really don't see too much graffitti around. At least not like when I used to live in Los Angeles, however I did find this on a wall on the West side of Phoenix.
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I found this building on the central part of Phoenix. "Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing Gym" I liked the name and slogan, "There's No Substitute for Experience". As you can see the building has been heavily decorated with posters of the many fights and fighters that probably have passed trough it.
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We all knew it as BOB now it holds a different name, but whatever the name of the stadium it is still the home of our Arizona Diamonbacks.
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Going through my pictures I thought it was going to be hard to find a picture for today's photo hunters theme, but I remember a picture I like of my Mustang which I had already posted in my photo blog back in November, so I don't mind repeating it because I think it fits. On this particular Saturday after I finished washing my car I thought it looked particularly CLEAN.
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The other day at about 4:00 p.m. Arizona time I was going out to the store when I noticed that the moon was out. I took this picture but it didn't do it any justice. You can still see though that the moon was out displaying it's full glory.
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On our way to California my grandson and I watched the movie "The Ant Bully". It opens with a scene where the kid is hosing the ant hill and practically drowning all the ants in it. By the magic potions made by one of the ants, the kid is shrinked to the size of the ants and that's what the plot is about. While on my walk the other day I saw this lawn, the grass was green and well taken care of but there was a patch of dirt in it. Yeap it looked like the ant hill in the movie and it was totally flooded, I couldn't help but think about the movie.
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I call this the table of broken promises. At the beginning of the year 98% of the smokers at work vowed to quit smoking. That only lasted about a week at best as one by one they all started gathering around the table again. Why do they gather there? Because that's the only place where it's allowed to smoke while at work.
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One more shot of that foggy morning in West Covina, California. The street was so empty that it did look eerie, like something out of a good suspense movie.
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My son got married yesterday, this was the setting and background of the place he got married. It took place at Papago Park in Phoenix.
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This is the last picture I have taken of the metal sculptures by the freeway underpass. Notice how they fill them with stones and metal, these are on 16th street and I-17.
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