Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

It's days like this that call for a hot cup of coffee or chocolate milk and you wish that instead of taking pictures by the loading dock at work, you would be home under the covers and watching your favorite TV show.
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All of a sudden and out of the blue, the sky turned almost black, the wind blew hard, and the rain started to fall. Not to mention it was cold.
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It's been more than 20 years since I been to Disneyland, I miss the place but shy away from the big crowds. Well, I may not have to go ever again since my grandkids are builiding their own Frontierland right on my back yard. I wonder what's next... Fantasyland?
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After two very nice days the clouds decided to come out again and even gave us some rain. The weather sure is playing with us.
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The sky was cloudless, and the water was still. Normally the water in the lake ripples and you can see the fish jumping out to catch a fly or the ducks taking their morning swim. This day was so nice that they all decided to go out and enjoy it. Question is - Why was I at home taking pictures?
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I know that I have done and posted a similar shot before but the other day the day was so nice that I had to do it again. Notice how tranquil and motionless the water is.
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When in Californina this dealership is a must stop for me. Luckily it's only withing blocks of my brother in law's house.
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Check out the mean ape hangers on that bike. I don't know how confortable they are but they sure as hell look cool.
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My neighbor across the street bought this fountain and placed it in his front yard. I like fountains and have posted a few of them in this blog so when I saw this one I had to take a picture.
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I see this contraption every day. It's in the back of the building next door to my work and to this day I don't know what it is. It was installed about six years ago. Any ideas on what this is?
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Another shot from the rooftop. To the North is the airport and way in the background you can see Camelback mountain.
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And so this little guy is supposed to scare lots and lots of pigeons that make our rood their home.
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I happen to work about 5 minutes away from Tempe Diablo Stadium, the spring training stadium for the Anaheim Angels. So I decided to take a couple of shots of my Mustang with the stadium in the background.
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What a difference a couple of days make. On Monday it snowed in Phoenix, it was very cold and we were all turning all the heaters on. Fast forward to today, it's only Wednesday and the weather is so nice that I was able to have my car's to donw all day long. It that crazy or what.
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So two days ago it snowed in Phoenix, one would believe that the roof is covered with snow but no it's just the material they used to cover the roof is white instead of the black tar found in most buildings.
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View towards the airport and Squaw Peak from the roof top of my work. Every time I go up there I get blinded by the white surface. Then when I come down and go inside the building it seems very dark.
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I took this picture while it was raining, the water was so thin the camera didn't even catch it. In the meantime elsewhere in Phoenix they were getting snow. Can you believe it. Snow in the desert.
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"Mi chica" is not a big gambler but never the less when she sees the word C.A.S.I.N.O. her little bitty eyes light up and sparkle, and the wallet gets just a tad lighter.
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Picture taken by Conrad
I like this picture because of the sort of abstract quality to it. My niece was resting while her boyfriend tried to take this candid photo, except she was watching all the time.
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Picture taken by Conrad.
If you go West on I-10 about 10 miles past my house you will find these empty fields and in them a bunch of giants. This particular picture shows a baby playing with a toy. This giant size "people templates" are found throughout the area and are usually fun for photo ops. This was taken from a moving vehicle as they were returning to California.
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This little lake behind my house was frozen in the shallow areas because the temperature dropped to 19 degrees on Monday morning, wouldn't if be great if it would freeze solid so that we could go out and ice skate... just wishin'!
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Picture takes by Crystal
This picture was taken by my niece. Althogh they may not be twins I thoght it was a good name for the picture.
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Picture taken by Chely
This was one of those "It looks like rain" afternoons but the rain never came. The sky looked pretty impresive though with the added drama the clouds gave to it.
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My sister made these for Thanksgiving dinner last year, and you can find the recipe from Bozette if you click the following link:
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Beyond the fields you can see the Arizona Caridinals Stadium. One can only dream that someday they way win the championship.
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Oh my no! Don't the me a picture, I haven't even put my makeup on.
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Of all the fountains I have photographed I love this one the best because of it's simplicity.
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