Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat!

Photograph by Michelle
Look mom I'm a mouse!
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Photograph by Michelle
Only one more month for this kind of fun and then get the jackets out of the closet, in Arizona Fall doesn't visit, we go straight into Winter.
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Photograph by Neenie
Neenie's 2001 Fat Boy (I'll call her Fat Girl) is sweet looking indeed.
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12 years old and she still looks beautiful don't you agree.
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A stone throw from Arizona is Nogales, Mexico. This scene is of a typical Mexican street.
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We are still experiencing temperatures of over 100 degrees and the lakes are usually a great place to beat the heat.
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Photograph by Frank "Pancho" Elias
Picture was taken from his porch in his new residence in Douglas, Arizona.
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This was a hot rainy and windy afternoon, but after it all passed the rest of our afternoon was a delight.
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Next some dumb ass scientist is going to demote the Sun too. As far as I'm concerned Pluto is a Planet.
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Photograph by: Michelle
When innocense know no boundries. They are the future, but right now they are my present.
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Photograph by Frank "Pancho" Elias
This picture has aggression writen all over it. The sky seems to be on fire as the Sun dissapers over the horizon.
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Photograph by Michelle
I even tried it but the car just barely moved. So I decided to be a rebel and raised my speed to 26 m.p.h.
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I posted another picture similar to this highlighting the dust storm, but on this one I want you to focus on the tree. The dusty background just add to the beauty of it.
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And so tons and tons of stone transported on a ship from England finally were reasembled in Havasu. Today this beautiful bridge is crossed by thousands daily.
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This way we don't walk alone.
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Let me see, my mommy said if it curves this way it goes on this foot and if it curves the other way then it must go on the other foot... Yeah! I think I got it right.
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Guest Photographer: Frank
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Guest Photographer: Pancho
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So sue me, it's not that I have a fixation on Sunsets but tell me if this looks like any of the previous sunsets I have posted before. I tell you I can take a picture a day and it will never look the same.
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My mom's birthday was yesterday, and my sister's will be tomorrow so today I post this cake in their honor.
Happy Birthday! Love you both.
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Pick a boo - I see you!
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Do you know how many pennys I can buy with this dollar?
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"Rain, rain, go away and come back another day" was my mantra when I used to live at my old house, but this days pouring rain like the one that fell on this day is such a beautiful thing.
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The Sun is just passing through, as this shot faces North and the Sun won't set for a least another 90 minutes. I just love how impresive it looks, so magestic, so big, and so HOT!
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Chely, just for you another beautiful Sunset from the same place as the ones before. I can't help it if the view is this breath taking, I just have to picture it over and over.
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This shot is facing North, the red cloud in the background was so white that it absorbed the sun's reflections and turned red.
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This is my baby! My 1994 HD Fatboy, with nostalgia green and white paint. To this day I have not seen another one with the same color scheme paint job.
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I'm siting on a Honda Rune, this bike is so long that the front of it will probably reach it's destination 20 minutes before I do.
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This is a day shot of our backyard, from where I seat the most beautiful sunsets can be viewed as our view is to the west.
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Just remember, trees are good to our environment. Treat them with kindness and respect.
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Photograph by Michelle
Bubbles, like wishes
gently take flight
to soar and float
in afternoon light.
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I affectionaltely call them "Charlies". My newphew is wearing the same kind of shoes I was wearing 35 years ago, and they still look so cool.
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Laguna Beach in June.
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Before you cross the bridge to go into the Biltmore you'll see this sign.
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Right outside of Tucson is Marana, Az. We always stop there at a gas station to gas up and load on munchies, I don't know who the man on the horse is or what it represents but I just thought it was cool to photograph.
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As if this sunset wasn't beautiful enough, the drama added when viewed through the bars of the fence is remarkable.
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Say whatever you want but my grandson would love these "floves" as he calls them and would be asking for me to cut them so he could give one each to him mom and grandma.
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The grass isn't any greener at the other side.
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Bridge over not so troubled waters.
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Coming back from Nogales I took this shot of, the cloud formation was spectacular unfortunately the picture did not do it any justice.
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What's wrong with this picture?
Q. This is the hotel's swimming pool in Lake Havasu, the temperature was close to 115 degrees and it was around noon, so where is everybody?
A. Everyone was by the river, there must have been thousands of boats out there.
Yeah, as you may have guessed we had the pool all to ourselves.
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What a beautiful rainbow, this is one of those times I wish my camera had a wide angle lens.
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That it was our brand new van... We were proud!
That an 18-wheeler hit it on the side... Freakin' rude - and scary.
That mi chica came out OK... Priceless!
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Imagine 15 blocks closed to traffic to stage some 20,000+ bikes, over 30,000 people turn out to participate in this the biggest one day biker event in the country. People from as far as Europe come to participate and many celebrities endorse this ride as well, by riding with us and partying with us.
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Love Ride
This is what 20,000+ bikers look like as they wait to take off on 50 mile charity ride from Glendale Ca, to Castaic Lake.
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Taken from the Loop 101 at 70 miles per hour the soon to open brand new state of the art Arizona Cardinals Stadium.
In addition to hosting Cardinals games, the stadium will host the Fiesta Bowl annually as well as the BCS National Championship Game in January of 2007 and Super Bowl XLII in February of 2008.
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If you play your card right, the ony free thing you may get is the ride to the casino. After you board the boat a 20 minute ride across the Colorado River to the California side will take you to the casino.
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